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I'm an iOS developer with a few apps in the store which I loved making.

Things to Buy

Simple Shopping App

Shopping lists were always a pain for me. One item is at one store, and another item is at another store. The answer to this is maintain separate lists. However, sometimes a given item can be found at either store, and crossing it off one list has it remain on the other.

This first iOS (then iPhone OS) app I ever made is the solution to this problem. The app has a single list of items and allows items to be added to multiple specified stores. Then, each store’s list is automatically generated and checking each item off marks it as purchased everywhere. The item can even be automatically added back to the list after a specified period of days.

This app has been updated for a modern iOS UI, but the guts remain the same as in 2010. More updates to come.

Front Mirror

Use your phone as a mirror.

This app was originally a test I made when playing around with Apple’s AVFoundation framework which was introduced in iOS 4. I eventually updated the app to be a universal iPhone/iPad app, and now I have updated it to work with all screen sizes and added illuminated edges for dark situations.


RoRemote controls Roku players right from your iPhone / iPad / iPod touch.

RoRemote has the same controls any regular Roku remote does, plus the ability to enter text directly into any channel's text box. You can Play/Pause right from your Apple Watch, and text can be copied from the clipboard to the Roku - useful for complex passwords. No need to mess with with the on-screen keyboard!

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